ETS and Komuter

Most countries in the recent years have been on a path to developing train technology. This is due to the fact that trains can carry so many more people from their origin to their destination very quickly. Also Trains are a means of transport that have the lowest levels of pollution as many trains are mostly run on electricity.

55Malaysia is another country who is also on the right track as far as developing alternative sources of transportation is concerned. To this effect, a two pronged approach has been formulated by the Nationalized Train Company of Malaysia, KTM.

One of them was developed to focus on the inner-city travel issues within a world class metropolis like Easybook Singapore to Kuala Lumpur train. This is the KTM Komuter service which is a subway service connecting millions of people daily.

The other was the KTM ETS or Electric Train Services which now connects the city of Gemas and Padang Besar over a meter gauge track and has regular services from both sides. This is a higher speed rail service which connects the cities in about 2 hours and cuts the travelling time by a lot.

Some of the advantages with the under development KTM train services are:

  • Quick connectivity, whether be it intercity or intra-city
  • Run by electricity and hence less dependence of fossil fuels.
  • Easy rides and with ETS various levels of bookings
  • Constantly expanding network to include more areas.
  • Very reasonable ticket process for both ETS and Komuter.
  • Reliable service.

Whether you are a tourist in Malaysia or have gone there for work, the services will help you immensely in getting around the country easily. KTM services are loved by the locals and the visitors and it is hoped that they will continue to grow quickly so that the services can be availed form every nook and corner of the country.

Singapore Green Space


It is hard to name a different universe city that brags the same number of eco-attractions as Singapore. Expanding on its arrangement of notable parklands, for example, the Botanic Gardens as well as the wildernesses of Pulau Ubin, the city-state has brought forth a few new striking green spaces as of late, from Gardens by the Bay toward the Southern Ridges, the Green Corridor to Singapore Zoo is new River Safari. Tourists from Indonesia coming all the way from Indonesia via Singapore ferry and they can book the ferry ticket online ( doesn’t stop at that point, either: I had the chance to play on good monster slides at Admiralty Park when it revives in 2015 after its redevelopment. I also managed to visit other new green spaces at Jurong Lake and East Coast will restore in 2016 and 2017 individually.

The drinking scene

With no shade of doubt Singapore’s drinking scene has indeed grown to statues. There’s presently no better place to respect the growing city horizon than from housetop bars like CĂ© La Vie (once known as Ku de Ta) or Altitude before kicking on at one of the hot new “mystery” bars in the Chinatown/CBD range. Daytime drinking, as well, has been redone, with lots of coffee shops next to each other over the city, and new operations are opening week after week.

The new hip ‘hoods

Singapore’s private neighborhoods offer a captivating redirection from the CBD’s blockbuster sights. Just past Chinatown, retro-awesome 1930s lodging bequest Tiong Bahru is peppered to keep you occupied well past early lunch at one of the numerous cool bistros in the territory. Once belittled solely for its phenomenal laksa eateries, Katong, as well, is developing as a hipster play area on account of the opening of smooth new retro-bars like The Trenchard Arms. Everton Park is additionally having something of a minute, with a few individuals as of now calling it the ‘new Tiong Bahru.’

Singapore Event


We cherish anything to do with marine animals and “The Deep” got us intrigued for a visit to ArtScience Museum. Around the same time, Dreamworks Animation began a show, and we are devotees of their movements as well! In this manner, we spent the whole evening going to three shows in a bundle, including the “Prudential Singapore Eye Exhibition” and had a productive learning time!

>> Arriving

The Shoppes situate craftsmanship Science Museum at Marina Bay Sands. The closest MRT station is Bayfront MRT station (CE1, Exit B, C, D, E) along the Circle Line Extension.

>> Things To See

The show is partitioned into three territories, “Characters”, “Story” and “World”. Every area acquaints us with the advancement of liveliness, from having a unique thought to delivering a completely enlivened component film. We get the chance to see the absolute most popular animated movies in the most recent a quarter century.

>> Dirt Figurines

On entering the presentation, we were initially inspired with the showcase of Animation Clay Figurines. They were so well-made with fragile elements.

We saw numerous fascinating movies that we had not seen before but rather caught the wind. It gave us a thought to look for those activities to watch with Dar. Vin immediately noted down the film names on his handphone. Dar is acquainted with the later activities, Kung Fu Panda, and Shrek, as he had watched it with us some time recently.

Watch A Short Footage in an 180-degree theater

We were extremely awed with this immersive theater where guests could rest on delicate pads on the floor or sit on a low seat. As we settled down, we were dealt with to a never-seen footage from How to Train Your Dragon. With the encompass screen and sound impacts, it made us appear, as though we were the ones flying the mythical serpent and cruising the air. Profoundly prescribed!